One Tiny (Automatic) Twitter Trick that’ll grow your Community

One Tiny (Automatic) Twitter Trick that’ll grow your Community

If you’ve signed up to receive my (suh weet) “quick wins” checklist, you may recall that the following page includes a short survey with a field asking for your Twitter handle. Why do I do that? Because I am slowly building up a Twitter list of folks within my community.

This means the folks who read my blog can actually meet other, like minded folks and get to know each other. Pretty cool, huh?

Even better, it’s 100% automatic!

Here’s how it works:

  • I use the “[eafl id=400 name=”Formidable Pro” text=”Formidable Pro”]” plugin for all of my forms. This process should work with any Forms plugin that’s supported by [eafl id=290 name=”Zapier” text=””]. (But seriously, Formidable Pro is amazing – you’ll love it!)
  • I created a form for the survey and included a field for Twitter Handle
  • I headed over to [eafl id=290 name=”Zapier” text=”Zapier”] and setup a Zap that will automatically add any Twitter handles submitted in that form to a Twitter list.
  • That’s it!

Warning: You can use a free Zapier account but you will need the “Pro” version of [eafl id=401 name=”Formidable Pro” text=”Formidable Pro”] for this to work. (Seriously it’s SO worth it.)


The Step-by-Step Checklist

If you’re not already familiar with Formidable and Zapier, I created a step-by-step checklist that’ll take you through this process in detail.

Get the checklist and updates!

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[formidable id=6]


Other ideas?

How are you helping your community connect with each other? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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