The Three-Click-Trick to get Receipts out of your Inbox (and logged!)

The Three-Click-Trick to get Receipts out of your Inbox (and logged!)

I am anti-click.

Something takes 5 clicks? That’s about 2 too many for me.

If something’s going to get done immediately and avoid finding its way to my “list” I want it to feel instant.


  • You’re using Gmail or Google Apps for your email
  • You’re using a receipt tracker app (like I talk about here)

Then this setup is the fastest way I know to get all of your receipts saved, logged, and out of your inbox – in three clicks flat!


Three Clicks:

  • Click #1: Open Email
  • Click #2: Drag your “Receipts” label to the email header
  • Click #3: Archive that puppy


Get Set Up:

Before you start, you’ll need an account with a Receipts tracker app, and an account with [eafl id=290 name=”Zapier” text=”Zapier”]. (If you don’t have an account with [eafl id=290 name=”Zapier” text=””] yet, grab one! They are free and I use them a LOT around here!)


Step 1) Create a Gmail Label called “Receipts”

First we need a way to identify emails we want saved. Here’s how to do it in Gmail / Google Apps:

Gmail Labels

  • Open your Gmail settings by clicking on the “gear” icon
  • Click on the “Labels” tab and scroll down to where it says “Labels”
  • Click “Create new Label”
  • Enter your new label name (I recommend “Receipts” or something similar) and click “create”
  • Your label is created!



Step 2) Create your “Zap” in Zapier

After logging into your Zapier account, create your “Zap”. (“Zaps” are just automated jobs or tasks.)

Zapier Zap Top


  • Go here:
  • Click “Choose a trigger app” and type “Gmail”. Click the Gmail Icon that appears
  • In the “Choose a trigger” drop-down that appears, choose “New Labelled Email”
  • On the right side, click “Choose an action app” and type “email”. Scroll down and click the orange outlined envelope icon that says “Email”.
  • In the “Choose Action” drop-down that appears below, choose the only option (Send an outbound email). Then click “Continue”
  • In step two, either activate your Gmail account (follow the prompts) or click “Continue” if your Gmail account is already there.
  • Click “Continue” in step 3.
  • In step 4, click on the drop-down and select the “Receipts” Label you created earlier. Then click “Continue”
  • In step 5, fill in the following fields as follows:
    • To: Fill in the receipt forwarding email address provided by your receipt tracking app
    • Subject: Click on the “Insert fields” button and choose “Subject”
    • Body (HTML or Plain): Click “Insert fields” button and choose “Body Plain”
    • Attachment: All Attachments (Note: I’m still testing this piece!)
    • From Name: Your name (optional)


Zapier Zap


Step 3: Test & Activate

You’re all set up – now let’s test it!

  • Find a receipt in your email and assign the “Receipts” label in Gmail.
  • Return to Zapier and find step 6: “Test this Zap”. Click “Test Gmail Trigger” and it will find a sample email. (If you want to see which it found, click “See trigger sample).
  • Click “Test Zap with this sample”
  • Wait! Within a couple of minutes you should see that receipt appear in your receipt tracking app. I tested it with two apps – IQBoxy came within 5 minutes and Shoeboxed took about 10 minutes longer. (So be patient if needed).
  • In Zapier, add a name (I chose “Forward Gmail Receipts to Receipt Tracker App“) and click “Turn Zap On”.


That’s it!

Now when you do your daily inbox tidy-up, you can find all receipts in your inbox, check the box next to them and assign the label all at once – then click “Archive”.

Bam! They’re out of your inbox and fully tracked.

Technology is beautiful!


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