Get more Followers on Twitter with your VA’s Help!

Get more Followers on Twitter with your VA’s Help!


OK, I’ll admit it. I’d like more followers on Twitter. The more followers you have, the more clicks you’ll get from your Twitter posts, however few that is.

The problem is, I only have a couple of minutes each day to spend engaging with people on Twitter, watching hashtags, etc.  I’d like to have an underlying process of “following” people every day who may be interested in what I write about, so they become aware of my brand, and so we might connect and build a “real” (read: not just Twitter) relationship.


It starts with the “follow”.


Follow 50 people a day who are in my “niche” to increase exposure and connect with new people, but unfollow 25 people a day so my “follow / unfollow” ratio doesn’t go all out of whack.


I don’t want to do it myself, and I don’t want to pay for a tool.  Since I already have a Virtual Assistant on our team, I’d like to enlist her help.


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Hold the pitchforks!

I am fully aware of the Twitter Terms of Service, and completely agree with them. This workflow is simply delegating a step that I would have been doing myself. The real key here is mentioned in the “goal” above. I am interested in connecting with new people on Twitter. Not aggressively “churning” through large volumes of people. If I wanted to do that, I’d follow / unfollow a lot more than 50 people per day!

If you choose to use this workflow to follow / unfollow hundreds of people a day, do so at your own risk!





As you may know, I love keeping an eye out for great new tools. Just a couple of weeks ago I came across It’s the simplest, cleanest free Twitter tool I’ve ever found. Seriously, I love it. (No, they aren’t paying me to say this.)


Here’s what it looks like:

Toolset Screenshot


Like it? Tweet this to say thanks!

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Thank you @WillStanley95 for creating! I am using it in this sweet workflow: 

(Nope, Will doesn’t know me. Should be awkward when he starts getting lots of these tweets!)



Now you know the tool, let’s get into the process!



The Workflow:

I have created a task in Asana that repeats every weekday, and that I’ve assigned to my Virtual Assistant.  Want a copy of this task so you can paste it right into your Asana? Get it here!


The Asana Task:

Asana Screenshot

…. and that’s it!


Don’t have a VA?

I did this task myself for about a week until I’d figured out exactly the specific process I wanted. It takes about 2-5 minutes, max. So go ahead and put this in your own daily workflow even if you don’t have a VA to help you with it! Click here to get a copy-pastable copy of that Asana task above!


OK, Let me have it!

Be honest – is this a workflow you’d use in your business? Since I started doing this I’ve met some great people in my niche, so I think it’s been great for me – but what about you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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